Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Festival of Trees

Click on the pictures to englarge...if you want
This first tree is for Hilda at My Manila. It's a Philippines tree. Information boards on traditions were included.

Next up, for Wayne at Vancouver Daily Photo. A tractor tree!
And for Kris at This Will Hurt Me, a tree that reminded of the header on his blog.
While I don't think there were as many big trees as I've seen in previous years, there were more table-top trees and wreaths than expected, which I didn't photograph much. On to the trees!

We liked this angel tree.
This tree is a salute to Boise's Basque community.
Bears roasting marshmallows at the base of a tree.
A "Bob the Builder" construction tree.

A cooking tree.

A cowboy tree.

A giant dog knocked over a tree! Bad dog!

A fairy tree.

A gardening tree.

A game tree with Mr. Potato Head - how very "Idaho."

A Pirates of the Caribbean tree.

A tree that's been "torched."

A tree "under the sea."

Volkswagen mini-tree.

Clever ornament on a "cheers to wine" tree - a glass ornament filled with old wine corks. This is just a sampling of what there is to see. If you're in Boise, the festival runs through this weekend.

The Festival of Trees is a perfect outing for ladies of a certain age who belong to the Red Hat Club.