Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Festival of Trees

Click on the pictures to englarge...if you want
This first tree is for Hilda at My Manila. It's a Philippines tree. Information boards on traditions were included.

Next up, for Wayne at Vancouver Daily Photo. A tractor tree!
And for Kris at This Will Hurt Me, a tree that reminded of the header on his blog.
While I don't think there were as many big trees as I've seen in previous years, there were more table-top trees and wreaths than expected, which I didn't photograph much. On to the trees!

We liked this angel tree.
This tree is a salute to Boise's Basque community.
Bears roasting marshmallows at the base of a tree.
A "Bob the Builder" construction tree.

A cooking tree.

A cowboy tree.

A giant dog knocked over a tree! Bad dog!

A fairy tree.

A gardening tree.

A game tree with Mr. Potato Head - how very "Idaho."

A Pirates of the Caribbean tree.

A tree that's been "torched."

A tree "under the sea."

Volkswagen mini-tree.

Clever ornament on a "cheers to wine" tree - a glass ornament filled with old wine corks. This is just a sampling of what there is to see. If you're in Boise, the festival runs through this weekend.

The Festival of Trees is a perfect outing for ladies of a certain age who belong to the Red Hat Club.


Hilda said...

Cool! The Philippine tree is decorated with capiz shell ornaments — I only have capiz for our star tree-topper and the bigger star (parol) outside the house. They also have the traditions right. We never make the Simbanggabi though — too early! :)

I really have to post more Filipino products, food and traditions in my blog.

All the Christmas trees here are fantastic! The Basque tree topper looks most intriguing. Thank you for such a fun post!

Wayne said...

Now why didn't I think of that, tractors on the tree.

'Nothing Runs Like A Deere' (Kaching!)

Kris said...

I do like that Peanuts tree very much. My favourite x-mas tree is the famous Charlie Brown one too!